My experiences, Short stories & poems

Chasing a Moving Target

A series of motions,
You can’t control.
Ride it out. Ride it out.
Look for the lock,
Search for the key.
Look inside. Look inside.
The lock is a challenge,
A test of will.
Take it in. Take it in.
The key is a chance,
A lesson to learn.
Do better. Be better.


You may come across,
A barrier of sorts.
Don’t be scared. Don’t be scared.
Obstacles are obstacles,
Find that weak spot.
Break it down. Break it down.
Do what you do,
The best you can.
Take it there. Take it there.
Give it some more,
Give it some time.
Be humble. Be grateful.


Nothing is easy,
Don’t be a fool.
Just stay calm. Just stay calm.
It’s not impossible,
Keep on trying.
Don’t give up. Don’t give up.
Don’t you dare now,
Throw in the towel.
Almost there. Almost there.
Remember there’s always,
More than one way in.
Open your eyes. Open your mind.



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