Making It Work

I’ve worked out a way to give myself long lasting coverage that looks natural and won’t oxidise throughout the day, so by evening it still looks pretty good.

Recently I found that while the Revlon PhotoReady™ Makeup foundation I’ve been using is fairly decent for its price, you do need to work with it a bit to find out how best to make it work for you, which I mentioned in my last post. And sadly, when it comes to foundation, I’ve found that the high end ones really do perform better. So my Guinot Youth Time Foundation, and Make Up For Ever High Definition Foundation are still my favourite.

Buuuuuuuut! The other day, I wanted to use my Guinot Youth Time Foundation, which I knew needs to be mixed with something to blend better, so I mixed it with a little bit of my Revlon PhotoReady™. I had a couple of “oopsie” fails the first two times I tried this combo, because I forgot to pump out less of the Revlon. I ended up looking rather cakey the first day, and wasted a bit of product the second time when I had to wipe some off because it was just waaaaay too much.

Third time’s the charm. I mixed a tiny dollop of Guinot with half a pump of Revlon, and mixed them together, and then just applied it with my fingers. It looked pretty good, but I went over and buffed it out with my MAC 187 Duo Fibre Face Brush, and it just looked so natural and pretty.

I had to lightly blot off the excess oil around six hours into wearing it, but 12 hours later it was still looking pretty good. If I wasn’t going straight home, I probably would have touched up with a pressed powder, but overall, pretty impressed with how this combo performs!

So, Guinot Youth Time Foundation + Revlon PhotoReady™ Makeup — mix and apply with (clean!) fingers — buff with a “skunk brush” — set with a small amount of powder.


I found that a bright, matte blush with a highlighter on my cheekbones looked best with this foundation routine. I used Powder Blush in Fleur Power from MAC as my blush, and Beauty Powder in Shell Pearl also from MAC, from its Liberty of London collection as my highlighter.

Don’t be timid about mixing your products! Sometimes the results are unexpectedly pleasant. I generally test things out on days when I won’t stray too far from home. So if I look like a prima donna with her stage makeup melted off, with mascara smudging under my eyes, I can take it off right away!

Have fun, and have a good week!



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