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Products Review: Zeniswell

Zeniswell is a Korean cosmetic brand boasting six lines under its name, with each line claiming its own distinct theme, formula, and objective. They are: Zeni’s Theme No.1, Marine Feast, CosFoodic, Super RX, Oriental Agenda, and Men.

Operating on the philosophy of being ultra conscious of what you use on your skin, Zeniswell is a self-proclaimed Ecosmetic brand containing as little chemicals as possible. Its cosmetics not only provide beautiful makeup looks, it also addresses skin issues, and improves the condition and appearance of your skin.

Over the past month, I’ve been testing out four products from three of the Zeniswell ranges, and I’ve fallen in love with some, while others I doubt I’ll pick up again. Keep in mind, many things contribute to how our skin reacts to different products. The following is my take, experience, and opinion on these products, which is influenced by my skin type and existing skincare and beauty regime, which may affect results. Just because it does or doesn’t work for me, doesn’t necessarily mean it will perform the same way on anyone else; if you’re interested in a product, look into it and try it!

One thing about the products I’ve tried: regardless of whether I liked the product itself, I’ve really appreciated its packaging. It’s very cute and girly, but practical. The boxes all Zeniswell products come in are matte black with a beautiful sticker near the top, and each sticker indicates the month the product inside is made, so users know how “fresh” it is. The products itself, the ones I tried, are shaped like a squeezy tube, but comes with a pump and lid. It feels very hygienic this way, and I think this means I can get every last bit out of the packaging, so nothing will go to waste. That alone is great, but here we go; onto the product reviews!


Marine Feast – Magic Silky Primer

ImageI have very mixed feelings about this product, because objectively, I can see how it’s actually quite good, but…it doesn’t work for me. This primer has an ultra light texture that goes on very smoothly, and settles into what feels like an almost powder-like finish. You kinda fall in love with how it feels on your skin when you apply it, and it lacks the filmy, greasy feeling you sometimes get from silicone-heavy products. It also has a mild, fresh scent that is quite pleasant, and isn’t overwhelming. However…and this is a big “however”, that’s about as much as I like about it.

Once I apply foundation on top of the primer, I can’t see the effects a primer typically promises. My pores were not reduced, it didn’t provide a smoother canvas for my foundation, it controlled my natural oiliness throughout the day only a little bit, and it didn’t prolong the wear of my makeup. In fact, it was difficult to get my foundation to look natural and flawless once I applied it, no matter how much tapping I did with my Beauty Blender to blend it, or how much I tried to buff it out with my MAC 187 “skunk brush”. It ended up looking a tiny bit grainy, and later in the day, it seemed like my foundation was wearing off in patches. This was frustrating because I can normally get my foundation looking natural and smooth, even without a primer! Its performance seemed to defeat the purpose of the product. Wtf, right?

Sometimes, with my usual makeup routine sans primer of any kind, my skin will look dry in tiny areas or spots later in the day depending on weather or the strength of the air con of wherever I am, which I can easily fix. But most irritatingly, the days I used this primer, those areas where I usually experience a bit of dryness, I saw dryness and red spots; like my skin was allergic. Those evenings, I’d go home, remove my makeup and find breakouts. There weren’t a lot, but they were of the tiny, painful variety.

I’ve been using this primer on and off for about a month now, and I’m just not impressed with it. After a week or so, I was advised the product is meant to be reapplied throughout the day to ensure a lasting, flawless look. And that continual use will ease the signs of irritation, such as the red spots and breakouts, and leave me with better, healthier skin.

Now, the problems I see with this is, almost any product you get, including cosmetics, medication, or foodstuff, will advise you to stop using it should signs of irritation persist. In the past, I have stuck it out with a product just because I loved the way it looked, even though it caused minor breakouts. Eventually, my skin got used to it and the irritation went away. But these were foundations, blushes, or moisturisers that made my skin look or feel great. Really, really great. This primer just didn’t seem worth the trouble. It doesn’t minimise the appearance of my pores or create a smooth surface on which I can apply my foundation. It doesn’t help my makeup last all day, and it caused breakouts. And with my oily skin, I don’t see the appeal of reapplying it throughout the day, particularly since it doesn’t do the job it’s supposed to in the first place.

If it made my skin look flawless and my foundation stay put for 12+ hours that would have been another story. It simply isn’t amazeballz, and I see no point in sticking with it, trying to make it work, and allowing it the time to solve an irritation the product itself created.

To be fair, my skin has never looked much improved with primers, and I’ve never liked primers. I think I’ve ever only used one I liked. But if you’re a primer loyalist, this may work for you. I think the feel of this product is great, I just can’t tell you whether it works as great because it didn’t work for me. If you try it, do let me know how it is for you.


CosFoodic – Moist Shine Base Jewelry Pink

ImageThis is a lovely product, and I love it. It can be used in a few ways, and just looks really pretty. It didn’t come with specific instructions, and I thought the consistency – a light, blendable cream – would be versatile, so I tried a few things.

Prompted by its name, I first used it as a base under my foundation. The product is light enough that it felt barely-there even after my three-step morning skincare regime, and the abovementioned primer. I was really impressed by the subtle pearlescent glow it gave my skin, and was looking forward to finishing the rest of my look. Unfortunately, the gorgeous glow was lost under my foundation and setting powder, and became invisible after I applied the rest of my makeup.

The following day, I decided to try to use more of the product, but concentrate it on my cheeks as a type of cream blush, since it does have such a distinct pink, pearlescent glisten to it. I also took care to apply less foundation in the areas where I applied the Moist Shine Base, so that it’d show through my setting powder, and this worked better. It gave my cheeks a healthy pink glow that looked like I’d just step out of the shower.

One weekend, I was running late to meet a friend (how surprising…) but I really wanted to use this product. Being low on time, I just did my makeup like I normally would without the Moist Shine Base, and as a final step, used a little bit on my cheekbones as a highlighter. It turns out this is my favourite way to use this product. It creates a gorgeous, slightly pink glow on my cheekbones that catches the light perfectly, and adds dimension to my whole look without being overwhelmingly shiny. It rivals my BeneFit Moon Beam, which is one of my favourite highlighting products. The effects are very similar, but I find the Moist Shine Base blends much easier onto my foundation, without affecting even the dry setting powder underneath. Sometimes Moon Beam, if I’m not careful with the amount, will not work on top of a dry product, and makes the area I apply it to look scaly, but not this Moist Shine Base. It glides on effortlessly, and I couldn’t be more in love with this product. I’ll probably start carrying it around in my bag so I can dab it on as a highlighter or blush in the evening if I’m going out after work.

If you have naturally clear skin and require minimal to no makeup on a daily basis, this would be great for you. Apply it all over your face or just on your cheeks, and set with a translucent powder for an angelic glowy look. I think you’ll love it.


Super RX – Real Touch BB (SPF27/PA++)

ImageI haven’t tried too many BB creams in my time; I just prefer foundations or tinted moisturisers, as I find BB creams too thick and slightly greasy. This one, on the other hand, actually felt very lightweight and offered natural-looking medium coverage that was easy to blend and left you with an almost powder-finish feel. Once I applied it, the minor imperfections were reduced enough I didn’t need as much concealer to cover them up, and felt almost like I wasn’t wearing a product at all. I was happily impressed with the feel of this BB cream. Unfortunately, this was about five shades too light for my skin tone, and I’m not even sure Zeniswell offers this product in a range of shades. The undertones of this BB cream are also slightly cooler, and my skin has warmer tones. So I’ve tried mixing it with my Moist Shine Base to warm up the tone, and setting it with a darker pressed powder foundation I normally use for contouring, but it just doesn’t look as natural, even though the coverage and feel is still good.

There is a version of this in the Men’s line (Korean men must wear BB cream as well…) and even that was too light for me, even though it’s meant to be darker than the one created for women.

So, basically, if your skin tone matches the shade of this Super RX – Real Touch BB cream, go for it. It looks and feels great, and is fairly long-lasting. You’ll really like it. You’ll probably still need a pressed powder to touch up with towards the end of the day, but this product is effective, and performs well. Let me know if they ever release darker shades.


CosFoodic – Pure Cleansing Oil

ImageGenerally, I don’t like oil cleansers or makeup removers. I don’t like the way they feel on my skin, and the film of sliminess it leaves behind. This is why I’ve never used the much-talked-about Shu Uemura oil cleansers, even though they’re meant to be fabulous.

Surprisingly, this Pure Cleansing Oil was okay. I like it. The formula cleans off makeup very well, but is very gentle on the skin. It doesn’t remove waterproof eye makeup, but I never expected it to. It did help make removal of said waterproof eye makeup with an appropriate cleansing agent a bit easier though, which is great.

I’ve tried this product two different ways: with a cotton pad, and as an emulsion. I think if you only wear a small amount of makeup or no makeup at all, wiping gently with this product on a cotton pad would be great for removing surface grime and dead skin cells before your normal cleansing regime. It would be sufficient. If you do wear more than minimal makeup like me, use this oil cleanser as an emulsion to thoroughly remove your makeup. I prefer to wet my face, get a small amount of this product in my palm, rub my hands together and clean my face that way. I’ve tried mixing it with a bit of water in my hands, but the mixture then often drips down my forearms as I lift my hands to my face, and that feels like a waste of product to me.

As oil makeup removers go, this a great choice. The base oil is olive oil too, which feels very mild on my skin and doesn’t cause dryness or leave me feeling greasy. At this moment, I still prefer my cream makeup remover, or my Clinique one that you shake to mix before using with a cotton pad. But I might consider getting a full size bottle of this CosFoodic – Pure Cleansing Oil. It’s not causing me to breakout, and I do like removing my makeup with this, before washing my face with a mild cleanser, and slathering on a moisture mask before I shower. So it might be a good investment.

(All images courtesy of the Zeniswell website.)


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