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Distribution of Worry


The kitties went to the vet today for their half-yearly checkup. I was really happy to see they’ve both gained weight, and even their wonderful vet said, “they’re logic-defying cats!” And then the blood test results came through.

At their last visit in March, Simba’s blood test showed his creatinine levels were at 340, and the vet explained that when it hits 400 is when we’ll have to consider daily injections to help his kidneys cope. Since last time it’d taken six months for his creatinine levels to jump 60 points to 340, I was worried going in to the vet with them today. But, good job Simba, his results today showed 346. I was so happy with that, and I hope his body will manage this well for a long time yet. *touch wood*

Then with Fei Mao, his creatinine levels had jumped from 331 six months ago to 393 today. I’m so upset. I’m so used to Fei Mao being slightly healthier because he was diagnosed earlier, I was programmed to worry more about Simba. This felt like it hit me out of nowhere. I understand they’re both already doing so much better than cats routinely do when coping with a kidney condition, which I’m grateful for. I was just so unprepared for so big a jump.

The vet told me if he drinks more water, that will help. So I purchased two water fountains that will be delivered on Monday, and I hope that helps. *touch wood again* Also, I’m taking them in again this week to have their teeth cleaned, which requires having them on a drip overnight, and that will help too. The vet also told me not to worry, and his assistant said the same thing, that it just means we’ll have to adapt how we handle their conditions.

I know there’s only so much I can do, but I’m just really upset. I don’t cry much, but this will do it. I just want them as healthy as possible.


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