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Review: Zeniswell Cosfoodic Olive Silky Hand Cream


Hong Kong is a tricky city when it comes to hand creams; for me anyways. I like my hands moisturised, but because it’s such a humid environment with our tropical climate, my hands can feel grimey pretty quickly. So I’m constantly on the search for a hand moisturiser that hydrates without feeling greasy or icky.

With the Cosfoodic Olive Silky Hand Cream from Zeniswell, I have both pros and cons. On the positive side, I really love how soft and moisturised it makes my hands feel, and the light olive-y and floral scent is gorgeous. My mind just sighs, like “ahhhh…”, whenever I put it on. The size is also perfect, it’s not so small that it might as well be a sample, but it’s not so big you can’t chuck it in your handbag. The texture is also really nice. It’s lighter than a heavy duty moisturiser but thicker than a gel. It’s the perfect consistency to spread all over your hands and you feel it sinking into every inch of your skin, including around your nails so it also hydrates your cuticles. Around my nails is where the skin can get really dry, because I’m a clean freak and I wash my hands a lot, especially when I’m home and I have to clean the litter box and feed the cats or whatever. But this gets rid of any dryness or flaking skin.

However, the formula takes a little while to absorb. Once it does, it feels amazing, but it’s not as fast-absorbing as others I’ve used. The first time I tried it, I knew it wasn’t going to be one I keep in the office. I just don’t like the idea of getting product all over my keyboard, which thanks to its previous user, is gross. It’s definitely one I would keep in my bag. I’m fairly anal about how my hands feel, and I typically only apply hand cream after washing my hands, but this is one I’d be happy taking out and about with me. Right now though, I actually keep the Cosfoodic Olive Silky Hand Cream on my bedside table, and it’s one of the last things I apply before turning out the lights. It’s so soothing, the scent is the last thing I smell as I drift off to la-la land, and I wake up with soft hands. Lovely. If there is a body version of this moisturiser, I’d definitely be interested to try it out! xoxo


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