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Small hours whispers

Some nights, sleep won’t come but words will instead.

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13 symbolic representations found in Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why

What can I say? When you study three units of English and then a minor in English literature, you can't watch or read anything without automatically analysing it to bits. It's a curse. Recently, I binged Netflix's 13 Reasons Why, and I really liked it. I understand there's heaps of controversy surrounding the show, including… Continue reading 13 symbolic representations found in Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why

Short stories & poems

Connie Tang (Hong Kong)

What is your favourite childhood memory? In retrospect, when I was around three or four years old, and we were living on Yu Chau Street (Sham Shui Po). Looking back, that time and my relationship with my father is my favourite part of my childhood. Every afternoon, after school, I'd ask him for a cent… Continue reading Connie Tang (Hong Kong)

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The Weddings of “Others”

As with all traditional Chinese weddings, the bride is hiding in the bedroom while her groom negotiates her bride price with her bridesmaids in the living room. She is dressed in a modest red qipao, and wearing intricate gold bangles on her wrists to symbolise her family’s blessing upon her marriage. Unlike most traditional Chinese… Continue reading The Weddings of “Others”