Skincare basics – 7 tried-and-true tips

I often get asked questions about skincare; or I encounter people who (oh, heaven forbid) know nothing about skincare or why it's necessary. I'm no expert, by any means, but I'm 31 and vain. And I can't rely on my Asian DNA forever to keep me looking younger than my years. Besides, while skincare isn't… Continue reading Skincare basics – 7 tried-and-true tips

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Review: Zeniswell Cosfoodic Olive Silky Hand Cream

Hong Kong is a tricky city when it comes to hand creams; for me anyways. I like my hands moisturised, but because it's such a humid environment with our tropical climate, my hands can feel grimey pretty quickly. So I'm constantly on the search for a hand moisturiser that hydrates without feeling greasy or icky.… Continue reading Review: Zeniswell Cosfoodic Olive Silky Hand Cream

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Products Review: Zeniswell

Zeniswell is a Korean cosmetic brand boasting six lines under its name, with each line claiming its own distinct theme, formula, and objective. They are: Zeni’s Theme No.1, Marine Feast, CosFoodic, Super RX, Oriental Agenda, and Men. Operating on the philosophy of being ultra conscious of what you use on your skin, Zeniswell is a… Continue reading Products Review: Zeniswell