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The Downside of TCK-dom

In July 2013, Buzzfeed did a listicle called "31 Signs You’re A Third Culture Kid", which includes very true and valid points on what it's like being a TCK. Yeah, my accent is inconsistent, "where are you from?" is a question with no easy (or at least just simple) answer, and the diversity of my… Continue reading The Downside of TCK-dom

Short stories & poems, Third Culture Kid

The Weddings of “Others”

As with all traditional Chinese weddings, the bride is hiding in the bedroom while her groom negotiates her bride price with her bridesmaids in the living room. She is dressed in a modest red qipao, and wearing intricate gold bangles on her wrists to symbolise her family’s blessing upon her marriage. Unlike most traditional Chinese… Continue reading The Weddings of “Others”