Skincare basics – 7 tried-and-true tips

I often get asked questions about skincare; or I encounter people who (oh, heaven forbid) know nothing about skincare or why it's necessary. I'm no expert, by any means, but I'm 31 and vain. And I can't rely on my Asian DNA forever to keep me looking younger than my years. Besides, while skincare isn't… Continue reading Skincare basics – 7 tried-and-true tips

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Review: Zeniswell Cosfoodic Olive Silky Hand Cream

Hong Kong is a tricky city when it comes to hand creams; for me anyways. I like my hands moisturised, but because it's such a humid environment with our tropical climate, my hands can feel grimey pretty quickly. So I'm constantly on the search for a hand moisturiser that hydrates without feeling greasy or icky.… Continue reading Review: Zeniswell Cosfoodic Olive Silky Hand Cream