IMG_7036I was born in Hong Kong and grew up a little all over the place. When I was little, I spent a couple of years at an American international school in Taipei, and then when I was ten I moved to Sydney, Australia. I didn’t come back to Hong Kong until I was almost 19, so I very much identify as a third culture kid.

When I came back to Hong Kong after graduating high school in Sydney, I studied at Lingnan University where I majored in history and minored in English.

Following my graduation, and a year’s worth of work experience in editorial, I earned a Master of Journalism degree from the Journalism and Media Studies Centre at The University of Hong Kong. After that I worked for CNN, Groupon, AsiaSpa magazine, and I’m now the web sub editor for SCMP’s Young Post.

My WordPress is a place for my thoughts and a place for me to write about the things I love, that I’m interested in, or things I feel passionately about.

(The full story of how I discovered and pursued my passion for writing can be found here.)


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