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Small hours whispers

Some nights, sleep won’t come but words will instead.

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The death of decency

Dear decent people, We need your help. This isn't anything new, it's also not an isolated incident. I can guarantee someone in your life have had to deal with this: assholes on dating apps, the internet, in real life. Be warned this is not about all of you. It probably isn't about most of you.… Continue reading The death of decency

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13 symbolic representations found in Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why

What can I say? When you study three units of English and then a minor in English literature, you can't watch or read anything without automatically analysing it to bits. It's a curse. Recently, I binged Netflix's 13 Reasons Why, and I really liked it. I understand there's heaps of controversy surrounding the show, including… Continue reading 13 symbolic representations found in Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why


Skincare basics – 7 tried-and-true tips

I often get asked questions about skincare; or I encounter people who (oh, heaven forbid) know nothing about skincare or why it's necessary. I'm no expert, by any means, but I'm 31 and vain. And I can't rely on my Asian DNA forever to keep me looking younger than my years. Besides, while skincare isn't… Continue reading Skincare basics – 7 tried-and-true tips

Short stories & poems

Connie Tang (Hong Kong)

What is your favourite childhood memory? In retrospect, when I was around three or four years old, and we were living on Yu Chau Street (Sham Shui Po). Looking back, that time and my relationship with my father is my favourite part of my childhood. Every afternoon, after school, I'd ask him for a cent… Continue reading Connie Tang (Hong Kong)

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TMI Warning: 8 reasons why I can’t go back from the Diva Cup

In case the warning in the title somehow escaped you, this blog post will be about my periods and vagina. So if you're not interested in or squeamish about the female reproductive organ - well, mine, anyways - then stop now. Here, below are a few links to less "scary" things you can run away… Continue reading TMI Warning: 8 reasons why I can’t go back from the Diva Cup


Good enough is not good enough

I'm in no way suggesting I'm in a place to advice how others should think or behave. Only, today, three articles caught my eye - all at different times of the day and brought to my attention by different people. (Actually, one I spotted while I was procrastinating.) And reading them made me think. The… Continue reading Good enough is not good enough