30 statements that would be/are sexist towards men

Disclaimer: sexism isn’t right. Whether it’s sexism towards women or men. There is no competition. There are no comparisons. Sexism is one monster we all must tackle. It isn’t a case of, “women bitch and moan about XYZ they endure, but what about when men deal with ABC?” Fair enough, because it’s all valid. Women aren’t trying to make it all about us. We’re just talking about it now. Join the conversation!

Also, the below 30 points vary from being very real to very flippant. Some can be the mirror reflection of what women experience, some are what’s already been said to men. If you’ve experienced any of these, sorry you had to put up with that shit. We feel you. 

1. Why do you grow a beard? Beardless, so people can see your face, is more REAL. Altering how you look is basically lying to women. 

2. Getting kicked in the balls can’t be THAT bad. 

3. Want to see what a man is really like on a first date? Go somewhere where there are lots of other women. You’ll see his true colours then. 

4. Your calves are tiny; like chicken legs. Why don’t you wear long pants to hide them? Shorts just aren’t flattering on you. 

5. Wow. Receding hairline and you don’t wear a hat? You’re SO brave!

6. You don’t want children?! But who will carry on your DNA??

7. He’s going for a drink with the boys? But doesn’t he have kids? That’s so selfish.

8. What do you mean you don’t want to talk about why you’re upset? Do you know how long generations before you have worked to make it so men being emotional isn’t immediately seen as a bad thing? You’re literally setting back gender equality by decades. 

9. You know, you’d look so much better if you had more defined abs. Or at least bigger biceps to fill your shirt out nicer. 

10. Hey, smile 🙂 You don’t want people to think you’re a predator.

11. You need to smile less, it can come across kinda creepy. 

12. Look, you’re great at your job but you need to smile less. People might think you’re more interested in flirting than you are in moving up. 

13. Oh, you can’t go to that conference. There are too many women on the panel, and everyone knows men can’t concentrate on what’s important when there are women about. 

14. He has so many female friends you have to wonder if he’s insecure in his masculinity. 

15. You’re just wearing the three-piece to impress with women, right?

16. 30 years old and not yet in an executive role? Well, it’s okay, it’ll happen for you, I’m sure. 

17. Did you hear? Whatshisname got a promotion. Wonder whose ass he had to kiss.

18. I don’t think he’s with her because he actually likes her. She makes slightly less than he does, and she’s young. It probably helps him feel more of a man. 

19. You DIDN’T make a pass at her at the end of the date? Dude, she probably thinks you’re not virile now.

20. You kissed her at the end of the date? She probably thinks you’re just after sex now. 

21. Pocket square? Geez, just write “high maintenance” on your forehead, why don’t you?

22. Your uni hoodie? Dammit, man, make some goddamn effort. 

23. Don’t show people how invested you are in your sports team. No one will take you or your work seriously. 

24. Yeah, but he went straight out after getting that cash out from the ATM. He deserved to get mugged. 

25. It’s not fair to say no man can be trusted because all men think with the head between their legs. It’s only about 98%. Har har har. 

26. Why are you so angry? When was the last time you got laid?

27. Wow, you send him out for groceries? That’s trust right there. 

28. You just can’t understand completeness until you can provide for and protect your family. 

29. He really should get his suits tailored. How does he expect to be taken seriously in that off-the-rack mess?

30. Maybe we should start taxing men for ejaculating  


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